How to Become an Artist

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I have always wondered why some people become artists. Are they born with it, or is it a lot of hard work behind it all? Since we’re all different, it seems most likely that It´s a mix of them both. Here are my main tips on how you can become an artist.

  1. Learn the basics on your own. We all have to start somewhere, so just do it! There’s no time to be wasted! Pick up a book on the library and start practicing the basics. It will help you a lot later on.artist learning
  2. Recognize you weaknesses and strengths. Try to always improve your weaknesses, work hard on those and i promise you that it will pay off in your art as
  3. Do the research. Again, this ties together with learning the basics. But i can’t emphasis this enough. You have to learn the basics, and you need to know them well. So do the research necessary, figure out what things you need to know. A good advice is to try and find someone that’s way ahead of yourself, and learn from them!artist gallery
  4. Get the gear. What supplies is needed? Find out and get them as soon as possible. You need to be very comfortable with your own tools and supplies.

Great Art Learning Resources